We provide excellent and safe child care in a setting of Christian love and emphasizing Christian values, meanwhile; Giving parents a day to spend as they please free of responsibility for their children.


This is an enrolled program and drop-ins will not be accepted. We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum for the children in a structured environment. Children are given the opportunity to play freely and interact with other children to develop social skills. Bible stories are read each day as well as other storybooks. Prayer is said before snack and lunch.



We will provide care for children between the ages of 10 weeks old to 4 years old.


Jesus' Lambs meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Parents may pick a one, two, or three day schedule.

Lunch Menu

Our Schedule

Our Daily Schedule

 9:00 - 9:30     Free Play

9:30 - 10:00    Circle Time/Snack Time

10:00 - 11:00    Learning Activities & Indoor/Outdoor Play

11:00 - 12:30    Lunch

12:30 - 2:00    Rest Time




A $50.00 enrollment fee per child is due with the completed form.  An enrollment form is located on this website. 

We are currently full for the 2019-2020 school year.  A waiting list has been started and you will be contacted once there is an opening.

Any questions regarding the Mother's Day Out program - contact Angela Blansett.


Goals of Jesus’ Lambs Mother’s Day Out Program:

  • To lead the child to appreciate the wonders of God's Creation and His great love in sending Jesus Christ.

  • To make the child aware of and interested in the world around him.

  • To teach the child to speak to God in prayer and lead a Christian life.

  • To make the child's adjustment to being away from home a happy and wholesome one.

  • To give the child many opportunities to work and play cooperatively in a group.

  • To teach sportsmanship. It's OK to lose sometimes.

  • To teach the child to act and think for himself.

  • To help the child develop desirable speech habits -- to speak distinctly, correctly, and to grow in vocabulary.

  • To provide opportunities to work with all kinds of materials in creating expression.

  • To follow his progress in all phases of growth through observation and parental contact.

  • To help the child feel a sense of belonging and full acceptance.

  • To help the child grow in the common courtesies of life.

  • To teach the child how to live happily and harmoniously with others.

  • To teach the child to observe health and safety rules.

  • To help the child learn self-discipline and self-control. 

Meet Our Teachers

Miss Angela - Director

Miss Angela is the Director of Jesus Lambs Mothers Day out. She has been a part of this program for 11 years and has served as Director for 8 years. Angela, Her Husband Steven and daughter Amelia live here in Blanchard and attend Blanchard First United Methodist Church.

Miss Amanda - 1 yr old class

Miss Amanda is one of our 1 year old teachers and has been a part of our program for 5 years. She is our resident photographer and loves to share pictures of your little ones learning and having fun. Miss Amanda, her husband Justin and her children Noah and Kaylin live here in Blanchard.

Miss Lacey - 1 yr old class

Miss Lacey teaches one of our 1 yr old classes. She is new to the program this year and we are excited to have her join us. She loves sharing outdoors with her class. Miss Lacey, her husband Blake, and her son Jacoby live in the Dibble area.

Miss Dawn - 2 yr old class

Miss Dawn teaches our 2 yr old class and has been a part of the program for 5 years. Dawn loves be involved with sports. Miss Dawn, her husband Chris, and her children, Madison, Alyssa, Jhett, and Kole live here in Blanchard.

Miss Carrie - 3 yr old class

Miss Carrie teaches our 3 yr old class and is new to our program this year. She loves to spend time with her extended family. Miss Carrie, her husband Daniel, and her children Abbi and Remington live here in Blanchard.

Miss Pat - 3 and 4 yr old class

Miss Pat is the teacher of our oldest students here at Jesus Lambs Mothers Day Out. She has been a part of our program for 12 years. She loves to help your kiddos get ready for big school and watch them learn new skills. Miss Pat, and her husband Barry live here in Blanchard.